Ogden Trust Physics Trip

On Wednesday 21st October, eleven Year 10 students went to Kingsbridge College to take part in several workshops run by “Medical Mavericks”. This exciting opportunity saw students trying on HazMat suits, learning how to take blood and using ultrasound equipment to mention just a few experiments. They learnt about the underlying Physics and even found 

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For TINTOBER this year, Miss Tombs’ Tutor Group took it upon themselves to contact TESCO express and create a successful relationship in gaining further tins for the ANODE TINTOBER appeal. Students use the store on Teignmouth road regularly and thought they would reach out to store manager Richard Roope in the hopes he could add 

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Geography Map Skills Workshop

Some of our Year 7 students at St Cuthbert Mayne school were invited to a Geography Map skills workshop with Post Graduate students from Exeter University. Here they experienced the importance of knowing a range of map skills including Grid References, Symbols and Scale. The year 7s enjoyed their learning and a wide variety of 

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Art Trip to St Ives

Just before half term the AS Art group enjoyed a busy day at St. Ives in Cornwall. Students were able to gather first-hand reference material from the many galleries of the town and harbourside, as well as a visit to the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden; the day made a valuable contribution to their 

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Harry King visits the Houses of Parliament

Harry King, a Year 13 student has fulfilled the role of Young Sports Ambassador exceptionally well and is part of the UK Young Ambassador Steering Group. Sixteen Young Ambassadors from England, Scotland and Wales sit on the Group which meets 3 times year to debate, discuss and influence the delivery of the programme to 4000 

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First Ten Tors Training

Our ten Tors Teams took to the moors on Sunday 18th November for their first training walk. There were 35 students in total with 28 new year 9s out for the first time in misty conditions.