Poetry Slam Team

Congratulations to our Poetry  Slam Team, who have made it to the final at The Princess Theatre. A Poetry Slam is a poetry competition in which poets perform original work  in front of an audience. The poetry is judged by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the amount of noise they make. We wish them all 

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6th form Business Diploma Trip

The National Marine Aquarium was the destination for the 6th form Business diploma students last week, who were given the opportunity to use the Aquarium in their most recent case study on Relationship Marketing. The students were given an educational presentation and tour on all areas of the charity, from the marketing campaigns to promotional 

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Congratulations to Shannon Salamone

Congratulations to Shannon Salamone in Year 13 who has received an offer to study Law at Cambridge University! Shannon is currently studying History, English Literature, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics. She has also received offers from Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff Universities.