Carnegie Shadowing Event

A group of Year 9 students represented our school at the School’s Library/CILIP annual Carnegie Shadowing event held at The Spires Academy on the 16th of June 2016. There were 8 schools present from Devon and Torbay and each group had to deliver a presentation on one of this year’s short listed books. Our group 

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Mock EU Referendum

Students today took part in a mock referendum as part of this politically historic and momentous day. Students came to the Poll Station (school hall) and were given their ballot papers to vote. Results were very close with 251 votes to remain in the EU, and 281 votes to Leave the EU.

James Dyson Challenge

A year 9 class recently took part in the James Dyson Engineering challenge with Mrs Ford as part of a science lesson. The challenge box contained a full Dyson cleaner with various other articles enabling students to really understand the importance of engineering and design from a scientific point of view. Students had great fun 

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