Year 8 Met Office Trip

On Friday 9th June, 10 Year 8 pupils attending an overnight camp at the Met Office in Exeter. Pupils were involved in a number of different hands on practical workshops and were even given the opportunity to present the weather.

Sing Around The Bay Finale

Students from STCM have been composing their own songs and will be performing at The Princess Theatre on Tuesday 27th June with other Secondary and Primary Schools from around the Bay. We’d love to see you there!

English Speaking & Listening

Students in Year 10 have been exercising their personal views in their English classes as part of their GCSE Speaking and Listening tasks. A range of fascinating topics have been chosen from the rise of Communism to the History of tattoos and body art! Students have displayed a great sensitivity and maturity in their exploration 

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Open Mornings

Dates for our Open Mornings: 12th June, 21st June, 30th June – 9.45am-11.30am