Art at the Eden Project

Last month Year 10 Art students enjoyed a busy day at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Currently exploring the theme of Natural Surfaces, the visit provided an excellent opportunity to gather first hand reference material.

When l visited the Eden Project my first thought was WOW! We stood on a high platform looking into the distance towards the massive biomes. l was so excited…. Alicia Tunnicliffe

The Eden Project was a great day out. l wasn’t expecting the biomes to be so big! l thought it was a really helpful experience and l enjoyed it a lot. Christina Goncalves

Our visit to the Eden Project was a great experience because l got to see lots of unusual plants in the massive biomes. lt really helped with my art because l got to see things l haven’t seen before. l enjoyed taking photographs and having the time to sit down and do my own drawings. lt was an enjoyable day and l would love to visit again. Mary Harris

l have never been there and l was really impressed. l really liked that so many different types of nature have been summed up in one place. The rainforest with the huge waterfall was amazing and gave us lots of opportunities for our art. Helen Thomson

The trip to the Eden Project was a unique day out. l really enjoyed looking at the different plants that grow in different areas. lt was very interesting and a great experience. l got a real feel of what it would be like to go into a rainforest. l was very surprised about how much l enjoyed the day. Maddie Bickley

The behaviour of all students was outstanding, a real credit to St. Cuthbert Mayne.