‘Getting into top universities’

On Friday the 3rd of March, ten of our year 11 students attended a conference hosted by the PiXL group at Sandy park, Exeter. The focus of this event was ‘Getting into top universities’ and was presented by Peter Rawlings. The talks included myth-busting facts about access to prestigious universities as well as practical advice on 

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Mock EU Referendum

Students today took part in a mock referendum as part of this politically historic and momentous day. Students came to the Poll Station (school hall) and were given their ballot papers to vote. Results were very close with 251 votes to remain in the EU, and 281 votes to Leave the EU.

Visit of Kevin Foster MP

Kevin Foster MP visited St Cuthbert Mayne School today to speak to students who are taking controlled assessments relating to politics as part of their History and Developmental Studies programme . Kevin also took the time to have a tour of the school and speak to students and staff.