Year 8 Met Office Trip

On Friday 9th June, 10 Year 8 pupils attending an overnight camp at the Met Office in Exeter. Pupils were involved in a number of different hands on practical workshops and were even given the opportunity to present the weather.

Poetry Slam Team

Congratulations to our Poetry  Slam Team, who have made it to the final at The Princess Theatre. A Poetry Slam is a poetry competition in which poets perform original work  in front of an audience. The poetry is judged by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the amount of noise they make. We wish them all 

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Charity Leg Waxing

We have managed to raise over £400 by holding a charity ‘Staff Leg Waxing’ event. Male. staff volunteers endured waxing pain in aid of a good cause! So far this year we have raised over £500 for Plan UK which means we will be able to sponsor Paola from Bolivia for another two years.