Head of Department

Mrs T Dearling

Key stage 3

Geography is the study of the Earth’s people, places, landscapes and environments. It mixes the arts and the sciences, and bridges the learning gap between many other subjects.
At STCM Geography is a thriving department and we aim to encourage that every student develops an understanding of the world around them. We want all students to have pride in their work and take responsibility for their own learning. We promote the development of transferable skills which can be valued beyond the walls of the classroom
Students have the opportunity to engage which a wide variety of learning resources and styles. For example, students develop their problem solving and researching skills by using ICT, fieldwork and diagrams, internet, maps, videos, newspaper articles, photographs and books.
The following units are covered:
Year 7
• Me and My World
• Finding My Way
• Cool China
• Ecosystems and Adaptability
Year 8
• Fantastic Places
• Our Risky Planet
• Incredible India and the Middle East
• Our Sustainable World
Year 9
• Impossible Places
• Geography and Crime
• Amazing Africa
• A Challenge of Natural Hazards

Key Stage 4

We follow the AQA A specification. Students have 4 lessons per fortnight.
Geography is a very popular option and there are usually 3 – 4 groups of students.
Modules consist of:
• The Restless Earth
• The Living World
• The Coastal Zone
• Population
• Changing Urban Environments
• Tourism

Key Stage 5

At A level we follow the AQA specification which covers both human and physical units. Students have 9 lessons per fortnight
Modules consist of:
• Cold Environments
• Rivers, Floods and Management
• Health Issues
• Population Change
• Plate Tectonics
• Ecosystems
• World Cities
• Conflicts and Challenges

Department Resources Available:
Interactive Whiteboards
Departmental Ipads
Digital Cameras
Up to date text books and resources
Weather Station
Variety of Geography DVDs
Twitter account – @stcmgeography

Extra-Curricular Activities Offered:
Fieldtrips for KS3 groups
Slapton Sands – GCSE Geography Students
Blencathra, Lake District – A Level Students
International Links Lunchtime Club – students are encouraged to share experiences of home and school with students at our partner school in Lagos, Nigeria. Skype sessions are held between the two