Harry King visits the Houses of Parliament

Harry King, a Year 13 student has fulfilled the role of Young Sports Ambassador exceptionally well and is part of the UK Young Ambassador Steering Group. Sixteen Young Ambassadors from England, Scotland and Wales sit on the Group which meets 3 times year to debate, discuss and influence the delivery of the programme to 4000 other Young Ambassadors, all driving to get more young people active and living healthy lifestyles.
More recently, Harry has been elected as the Vice Chair of this group and attended a meeting with Edward Timpson, Children’s Minister who is looking to develop a character building education for children. However, Harry noticed that he was the youngest person at the meeting and wondered why, if a programme for children is being considered, there were no children present at the consultation stage and so he decided to contact the Minister direct.
As a result of this, the Minister contacted Harry and has arranged for an additional meeting to take place at the Houses of Parliament on 19th November.
Harry’s commitment to this Steering Group is outstanding and to put forward suggestions to the Children’s Minister that are accepted is a fantastic achievement – well done Harry!