Parent Teacher Association


The PTA is a joint body of parents, teachers and friends of the school. It plays a vital part in the life of the school. Regular meetings are held to plan events which raise funds which support learning, the school environment and other whole school initiatives. Members of the PTA form a natural focus group for the school to consult with parents about planned changes to student experience.

Each October the PTA hold their Annual General Meeting at which members are elected to the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the PTA. Events run by the PTA include KS3 disco’s, the Year 11 Summer Ball Car Boot sale and their main event, the Fun Day. The PTA relies on the support of parents and staff who are encouraged to contribute even to one event if they are too busy for greater commitment.

PTA Contacts:

Acting Chair – James Down

Vice Chair – Elaine Lightowlers


Headteachers’ Representative – James Down

Staff Representative – Caroline Roelich

To contact the PTA please email, FAO PTA in subject message or

Mr Down, Assistant Headteacher, email, PTA in subject message