Inter Form Competition

An excellent Retro sports inter-form competition was held on Friday 16th October with over 80 students taking part. Students competed to gain the first round of points for this year’s inter-form competition in events including the sack race and an egg and spoon race. Students were superbly behaved and great fun was had by all. After the final event 9LRW and 9NF were joint first and so a tie breaker had to be devised. This saw 9 students from each of the tying forms work together in a ‘throwing the beanbag’ race. 9LRW were victorious and not only won a tin of biscuits to enjoy but also 35 points for their form!

The final standings were:

1st – 9LRW
2nd – 9NF
3rd – 9TEM
4th – 9RAC
5th – 9ND
6th – 9LB
7th 9LEB