Marines Exercise encourages Students to ‘dig deep’!

A group of students from years 9 and 10 participated in a day of teamwork, leadership, Marine style physical training and problem solving on Friday 13th November.
The students (who didn’t know each other that well) took part in a variety of exercises designed to test their ability to work together to solve logistical problems. This included making stretchers from one piece of rope to heave each other across a decent distance, carrying a ‘casualty’ across the ravine with only a few planks and tyres, untangling themselves in a timed exercise….. and a lot more!! The students also partook in two hours of gruelling physical training – commando style! Miss Ricketts (Head of Careers) spent the day with the group, although she didn’t join in with all of the activities (much to the relief of the students who were carrying the stretcher!!).
The students should be incredibly proud of themselves – Corporal Dan Lyness said at the end of the day that ‘for their age these students excelled in their maturity, discipline and determination’.
Well done to these students – we are very impressed!!!
Miss Ricketts