Our new Head Prefects

St Cuthbert Mayne has recently appointed new prefects from Year 10 who have taken over responsibilities from the existing Year 11 Prefects in order for them to focus on their exam preparations.

The selection progress is rigorous and we are proud of our tradition of appointing student to the role who uphold our school values and beliefs.  From the body of Prefects we then invite applicants for the posts of Head Girl and Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy.  As always, the field is very strong and this year was no exception.  The aspirant candidates write a full letter of application and have an informal meeting with the existing and past Head Girls and Boys along with other Senior Prefect Team members in our V1th Form.  They are then short listed and interviewed by the Head Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, Year Coordinator and the existing Head Girl & Boy; six candidates are then put forward to the School Council for their consideration.  Each of the six then deliver to the full School Council, over six days, a presentation and at the end of a six days a formal election takes place where each council member votes.  The result is then brought back to the interviewing panel for the final appointments.  We are very proud of every single applicant and this year’s decision was incredibly hard with such an amazingly talented and dedicated field.  Ultimately a decision was made (after much deliberation) and the appointments were made.

Head Girl – Gabby Aspen

Head Boy – Julian Martin

Deputy Headgirl – Simphiwe Sibanda

Deputy Headboy – Joseph Boothroyd