In true St Cuthbert Mayne tradition October was changed to Tintober this year. Each year students and staff donate tins of food for those in need.

This year we set ourselves a target to collect 2015 tins throughout the month.

We are absolutely delighted to have smashed the target with a total of 3355 tins collected. 9LEB won the award for the Tutor Group who collected the most tins, having collected 445 tins! 6LAT won the second award for the Tutor Group Ratio – they collected 381 tins and only have 18 students in the Tutor Group as they are a 6th Form Group.

We would like to congratulate all staff and students on this incredible achievement. The tins will be collected by Nigel from ANODE who will distribute them to those local families in most need this winter.

Anode Tins