Year 3/4 Red Tennis Festival

Thursday 30th April saw STCM host our first mini Red Tennis Festival. Four local primary schools-Priory, Ellacombe, St Margarets and Ilsham competed against each other in a modified doubles format. The first half of the festival involved skills training which was led by our Young Sports Ambassadors. Each school rotated around 4 different activity stations which focused on agility and quick footwork, shot accuracy and forehand and backhand techniques.

This was followed by a tournament whereby each school entered an A and a B team who then completed a round robin doubles competition against the other schools. The overall winners of the B team tournament were St Margarets and the winners of the A team competition were Ilsham.

Staff and leaders were mightily impressed with the standard of play and sportsmanship shown throughout the morning and this was recognised by the distribution of excellence and fair play medals at the end.