Behaviour Policy changes

Why are we changing?

Students and staff have told us that some behaviour at St Cuthbert Mayne School is not always as good as it could be. We believe that learning-behaviour at St Cuthbert Mayne School should be outstanding. There are areas of inconsistency in the way people behave or deal with people behaving poorly which we are aiming to address with some new policies that will be in full action from January 2019.


Aims of ‘Ready To Learn’:

  • To eliminate disruptive behaviour
  • To ensure staff and students are 100% clear on what is acceptable behaviour at St Cuthbert Mayne School
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions
  • To enable teachers to deliver engaging and creative lessons all of the time



Expectations in Lessons

  • Arrive on time, within 5 minutes of the first bell
  • Sit where you are asked- raise any concerns politely with staff at an appropriate time
  • Show you are ready to learn- equipment/kit out and sitting up straight in your chair (PEN)
  • Listen respectfully (in silence) when others are talking
  • Keep off-task conversations for social times
  • Work in silence when an adult asks you to
  • Allow others to learn- do not disrupt/distract
  • Work to the best of your ability and attempt all tasks set
  • Stay in your seat- only leave with permission from staff
  • Don’t eat or drink (only water/squash is allowed in lessons)
  • Treat everyone with respect- no swearing or abusive language
  • Mobile Phones should be out of sight and switched off at all times. Phones may  be used but only when directed by a teacher who has given permission for them to be used for the purpose of enhancing learning. (Phone on teacher desk)
  • At the end of the lesson wait behind chairs in silence ready to be released from the room

Students will be issued with a consequence (C1/2) if they do not meet the expectations above.


The Revised ‘C-System’

C1 = Student warning

  • Student informed they have been given a warning
  • Student name goes on the board


C2 = Student sent to the Return to Learn Room for 24h plus 60 minute After-School Detention

  • Behaviour Team to contact home re: incident
  • Restorative conversation within 24h


On-Call to be alerted for serious incidents only


Return To Learn (R2L)

  • 24h in the R2L plus 60 minute ASD
  • Staffed by Behaviour Team and staff on Parking Room rota
  • Exam conditions
  • Quality work provided by subjects
  • Behaviour intervention programmes
  • Hear me out
  • Restorative conversations within 24h
  • 2h sessions
  • C1, C2 warnings followed by FTE



The current late detention system does not always work- attendance at detentions is sporadic with some students opting not to attend and not addressing their lateness. The new system will be much simpler.

  • Any student late to school in the morning (even seconds after the bell) will be issued with a same day Red Card 20 minute lunch detention.
  • Students who do not attend will be issued with a 60 minute After-School Detention.
  • Students who do not attend their 60 minute After-School Detention will spend 24 hours in the Return to Learn Room plus a 60 minute After-School Detention the next day.


Expectations around our School site

At St Cuthbert Mayne School , we expect everyone to behave and treat each other with respect at all times.  That means walking around the school calmly and quietly, behaving appropriately at break/lunch time, respecting each other’s space and looking out for each other. Our red card detentions enable us to address any behaviour that does not meet our high expectations.


If a member of staff asks a student to do something, they are expected to do it.  If they do not immediately do what has been asked, the member of staff may say to them ‘This is a reasonable request.  Are you choosing not to follow it?’


If a student refuses, or walks away, a member of the Behaviour Team will be informed and it is likely that you will be placed in the Return to Learn room  for 24 hours.


Red Card Behaviours

  • Arriving late to school (After 8:45am)
  • Running in corridors and around school
  • Caught out of bounds
  • Shouting
  • Dropping litter
  • Taking another student’s tie
  • Not tidying away plates/leaving tables in a mess in the canteen
  • Wearing earphones/headphones
  • Eating in non-designated areas
  • Swearing/using derogatory language
  • Chewing Gum
  • Graffitiing
  • No uniform pass from Tutor
  • Pushing
  • Damaging, hitting, kicking school property




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