The Core Criteria for the STCM Employability Certificate

Each of the following six criteria need to be met and evidenced.


40 hours of active voluntary or paid work – can include peer mentoring and paired reading.


Achieve a minimum 92% overall attendance over duration of sixth form attendance – to include collapsed timetable days.


Receive at least 10 effort grade 1’s in the academic monitoring process.


Completed UCAS application or CV and letter of application by October half term of year 13 (or by March of year 12 for AS only students).


Take part in a mock interview for work, University or further education.


Achieve a minimum of level 2 in both Numeracy and Literacy.

Plus at least two of the following activities need to have been completed – and evidenced.

  • Active member of a decision making body for a sustained period of time whilst in the 6th form e.g. MAD group, Torbay Youth Council, Torbay Youth Parliament etc.
  • Evidence that you have been following a healthy lifestyle over a sustained period of time in the 6th form (contributing factors may be attendance of physical Education lessons, use of the gym etc.
  • Provide evidence of active contributions towards environmental issues.
  • Provide evidence of active and leading role in a school event – i.e. Project South Africa, the Outreach project, productions, school services, primary school sports events.
  • Take an active and lead role in church activities / services – evidenced.
  • Extended Project.
  • Organisation of Year 13 prom.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Ten Tors.
  • Certificates / Awards relating to out of school activities that reflect dedication and commitment over a period of time – minimum 6 months.
  • Participation in 2 or more Year 12 induction evening / open evenings.

This list is not exhaustive, and at the discretion of Mr Boughton other activities may be used for the award.


Students cannot use the same activity to count as 2 different criteria unless there are permitting circumstances approved by Mr Boughton.

The following can be used as evidence for the criteria:

  • Letters from employers, churches, teachers, leaders etc.
  • Completed employer feedback – pro-forma available.
  • Attendance printout.
  • Commendation slips.
  • Letters of thanks from students.
  • Notices in bulletin.
  • Printout of UCAS final submission.
  • Copy of letter of application and CV.
  • Photographs.
  • Certificates.
  • Letters from the school.
  • Copy of progress checks.

Other evidence can be used at the discretion of Mr Boughton.