Employable Me!

Employable me is our bespoke careers education programme that is delivered as part of Personal Development and is delivered across all key stages. The scheme comprises six elements designed to assist students in discovering their career paths.

Grow throughout life

Grow throughout life by learning and reflecting on yourself, your background, and your strengths.


Explore possibilities

Explore the full range of possibilities open to you and learn about recruitment processes and the culture of different workplaces.


Managing careers

Manage your career actively, make the most of opportunities and learn from setbacks.


Creating opportunities

Create opportunities by being proactive and building positive relationships with others.


Balance life and work

Balance your life as a worker and/or entrepreneur with your wellbeing, other interests and your involvement with your family and community.


See the big picture

See the big picture by paying attention to how the economy, politics and society connect with your own life and career.