How to Support our Students


We have had great success working with a number of employers and agencies over the years. We are keen to continue to develop strong partnerships with a wide range of educational institutions, training providers and employers who may contribute to our careers programme through: raising aspirations demonstrating the relevance of the knowledge and skills developed through the academic curriculum to the world of work providing enrichment opportunities including work experience, workplace visits, guest speakers, mock interviews, curriculum support.




As part of our careers provision at St Cuthbert Mayne we are looking to work with a greater number of employers, businesses and organisations in the local area as a means of providing our students with meaningful interactions with as broad a range of employers and career pathways as possible.


This may be through companies working with individual subject departments, linking curriculum to careers. It may also be through engagement with our whole-school careers fair, through smaller talks and seminars to students or by offering work experience placements to our Year 12 students.


If you, your employer or anyone you know would be interested in working with us in any of the ways above please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]


We look forward to working with local businesses and employers to support our students in developing aspirations and realising their potential.


Supporting your child’s career…


In Year 9, St Cuthbert Mayne pupils are required to reduce the number of subjects that they take and select specialisms which they will study alongside compulsory subjects such as English, Maths, Science and RE. This is an exciting and crucial time for pupils as they can now begin to tailor their education around what they enjoy and/or steer them towards a particular career path.


As a parent or carer, you are in a great position to support your young person through this process and help them look ahead to consider the implications of their choices. As someone who knows them well, you can discuss their favourite subjects at school and what they might want to do in future. These conversations can help your child to choose options that reflect their strengths and potentially set them on the path to their chosen career. When supporting young people to select subject options, it is useful to discuss the following questions with them first:


  • What subjects do you enjoy studying the most and what subjects don’t you enjoy?
  • What subjects do you think you are best at?
  • Are there any that you would like to study further at A Level?
  • Would you like to go to University?
  • What tasks/ skills would you like to do/ develop in a job? What is your dream career?


After Year 11 / GCSEs…

In Year 11 students select fewer subjects and become more focused about their individuality. They investigate the options available to them and begin the application process to one of the following routes:


  • Apprenticeship
  • Traineeship
  • Further Education (at a our Sixth Form Centre, College or another Sixth Form of their choice)
  • Armed Forces


How does my child apply for a course?

Your child will be given the time to apply during lunchtimes and break time in the Careers Hub or they can do it from the comfort of home if they would prefer – they will need to go direct to the website of the College, or 6th Form of their choice.


When should my child apply?


Applications for Year 12 should be made as early as possible most students apply between December and January.


For more support please see the Link for the Careers and Enterprise Company ‘Padlet‘ or Career Map