We are hosting an American organisation called CIRCUIT RIDERS on their 2020 European Tour, ‘CARRYTHELOVE’.

Circuit Riders are supported by YWAM and have a vision to inspire the current generation of Secondary School and University students to carry Jesus’ love into their world. The event will be at St Matthias Church, Torquay, the event is being circulated to students, churches and youth workers so it will be sure to be a busy event. On the following day, Monday 17th February, the team would like to offer some teaching for those who work with or want to work with young people, as well as an opportunity for the young people to be given some training in how to share their faith with their peers.


These seminars will also be at St Matthias Torquay, 10:30 – 12:00 For those who work with Young People 14:00 – 16:00 For Young People: How to share your faith Both the evening event and the 2 seminars are provided free, although of course they will be grateful to receive any support that might be offered for their ministry! Tickets for the Sunday evening event for young people (parents also welcome) are available from the EventBrite website:



Please email Rev Nathan if you would like to attend on the Monday 17th:

[email protected]

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