Head of Department

Mr A Hammond

Citizenship/Developmental Studies are an important part of the curriculum at St Cuthbert Mayne School. To facilitate the learning of this, we have ‘deep learning days’ throughout the year, where the timetable is collapsed and students spend their time learning about citizenship related topics. The Key Stage 4 course examines many of the changes and demands involved in becoming an adult. The opportunities and responsibilities associated with adolescence and adulthood are investigated and your changing perceptions of society are explored. You will consider many of the conflicts and emotions that teenagers may experience. Much of the Citizenship programme will be integrated into subjects as well.


What will I get out of the subject?


The course will provide you with a wide variety of information related to careers, the law and other issues. You will be encouraged to discuss in an open way a wide variety of personal and social issues which relate to you as a teenager. Therefore, throughout the course, you will be developing your interpersonal skills such as co-operation, listening and expressing your views.