Enhanced transition

Enhanced Transition – from Year 6 to Year 7


At St Cuthbert Mayne we recognise that transition could be a difficult time for some children, especially those with SEN. We take steps to ensure that the progression from primary to secondary is as smooth as possible.


The SEN Code of Practice emphasises the key elements relevant for young people at a transition point, these are:



Working with parents around the transition planning

Review support provided in the current school

Joint planning to undertake a supported transition


Transition begins in the summer term  with the year 6 students. We have strong links with our feeder primary schools and we share information on students that may need increased support. The information provided ensures that all staff at St Cuthbert Mayne are fully prepared for the pastoral and academic needs of all our pupils.


Regular contact is made with the primary schools and an extra visit is arranged for Wednesday 26th June 2019. This will allow the students to get to know key members of staff, particularly those from the Learning Support Team. In addition, they will familiarise themselves with the layout of the school.


We understand the importance of making transition an easy and friendly process, as we are aware that if students are confident and happy they are more likely to be successful and make good progress.


If you would like to discuss your child’s particular needs and requirements, please contact Mrs J Brown SENCO ([email protected])