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Autumn is well and truly underway in the library this term.  We have several new displays of books for you to borrow:

Charming, Cosy, Adventurous and Amusing tales for Autumn evening

Who knew we had so many orange books in the library! There is a fabulous mix of reads here to curl up with on a chilly Autumnal evening.  Fancy a bit of detective work with Sherlock Holmes? Or how about a dystopian future with the Hunger Games?  Or perhaps a bit war time fiction by Emma Carroll “When we were Warriors”?

#HelloYellow books


Fiction and non-fiction encouraging discussion on mental health and support.  It’s OK to not be ok.   Looking after our mental health in this modern, busy world is vital to our overall wellbeing.  You are not alone and the pastoral offices are situated right next to us in the library too.  October 10th was the time to wear yellow for World Mental Health Awareness Day.




Stranger Reads


Tales from the Upside Down, especially for fans of the NetFlix series “Stranger Things”.   Here there are horror books, books to make your skin crawl and truly spooky supernatural novels!  Perfect for a scary October night!





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We are posting more and more of our library news on our Instagram page these days; so do drop by and give us a follow.   You can also let us know if there is anything you’ve particularly enjoyed or would like us to get in the library.


Our Library book club for all years has started up in the library on Wednesday evenings.  We have been reading books by Anthony Horowitz and Cathy Cassidy to start with and the group are keen to get their hands on our new book intake this week.  We’ll be working towards a ‘battle of the authors’ later this year.

Don’t forget to Quiz!

All our year 7’s and 8’s are madly reading their accelerated reader books and quizzing away to win one of the cinema tickets for our trip next month! Don’t forget to quiz if you want to in with a chance of joining us!  Later this term there will be a Christmas party for all our target achievers!

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