Kevin Nicholson – Torquay United

On Tuesday 7th December the Elite & Emerging athletes were given the opportunity to meet Kevin Nicholson and listen to his first hand experiences and how he has overcome challenges in his career.

As young athletes aspiring to maybe one day become a professional athlete I think they were shocked and surprised about the challenges Kevin Nicholson face at such an early age. Being signed as a professional at the age of 17 impressed many of the students but then being told you won’t make it a few years later brought reality to the table for our athletes but this is where Kevin expressed how he overcame these challenges by surrounding himself with the right people at the right time.

Kevin spoke about his time at Torquay United and the ‘Great Escape’ in the season 2015/16. He gave us an insight into how he got the right people into the club and has continued this since.

All the athletes thoroughly enjoyed the presentation given by Kevin Nichols and the feedback has been positive from all.

Thank you, Kevin, for giving up your time to come and speak to Young aspiring athletes!

Next on the Elite & Emerging athlete programme is Simon Jeffery’s, owner of Winners gyms & current University of Exeter lecturer (7th February 2017)

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