I am proud to welcome you to

St Cuthbert Mayne School.


‘Educating for life in all its fullness’

John 10:10


All children are welcome in our school, regardless of whether they have a faith background or not. We have a strong Christian ethos, which is built on our unique joint Roman Catholic and Church of England foundation.


At St Cuthbert Mayne we aim to deliver excellence in education and want the very best outcomes for all our students so that they can achieve their fullest potential. While some schools feel pressured to make artificial choices between academic rigour and the wellbeing of their students, we believe there is no such distinction. A good education must promote life in all its fullness.


Our core values ‘To have integrity, to be courageous, compassionate and creative.’ underpin the way we work together in the school.


In our school we are creating a culture where every person in our school family wants to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better and there is no limit to what can be achieved.


These are exciting times for St Cuthbert Mayne School and I look forward to welcoming you to our school.


James Down