Head of Department

Miss K Milner

Key Stage 3


STCM Music Department follows the National Curriculum Key Stage 3 and involves world music, traditional and modern forms of music and covers a wide range of experience in composing original music, playing and listening to music by established composers.


Year 7
We concentrate on learning to read basic notation and perform music, using a range of instruments. Students are given the opportunity to compose on their own and in groups.


Year 8
We build on the skills and knowledge acquired in Year 7 giving students more chance to perform and compose in specific styles of music they learn about.


Year 9
This year is designed to give students the basic skills that they will need if they wish to carry on into GCSE Music. Composition will be featured regularly as will performances. Students are encouraged to perform to their peers and develop their own styles and skills.

GCSE Music

Syllabus Title
Music (4270)


Examining Group


There are four units in GCSE Music and students must complete them all.  They learn about musical language and explore the elements underlying the organisation of sound, through listening to music, performing individually and in a group, composing and appraising music.
This specification encourages students to:

  • develop their own musical interests and skills including the ability to make music individually and in groups and to use music technology
  • evaluate their own and others’ music
  • understand and appreciate a range of different kinds of music
  • actively engage in the process of music study in order to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.


Unit 1: Listening to and Appraising Music 42701
Written Paper – 1 hour – 80 marks – 20%


Unit 2: Composing and Appraising Music 42702
Externally assessed – 40 marks – 20%


Unit 3: Performing Music 42703
Controlled Assessment – 60 marks – 40%


Unit 4: Composing Music 42704
Controlled Assessment – 30 marks – 20%



With the recent changes to the specification, it is vital that you are a confident instrumentalist or singer. All coursework components are now done under controlled assessment with a maximum time limit. You will have to be self-motivated. Please speak to Miss Milner and she will be honest on whether she thinks you will be able to cope with the course.

Key Stage 5


Students at St Cuthbert Mayne have the opportunity to study BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music (Performing).


This course is designed to give students all of the skills they require for a career in the music industry. It is 100% coursework based and students will be required to study 6 units of work over the two year course.


Proficiency in an instrument/voice is essential.