Head of Department

Miss S Al-Turki

Key Stage 3


Photography is not offered at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4


The course is broken into 3 units of work. The first unit is Architecture where a variety of assessments must be explored. With each of the assessments work journals and sketchbooks are used to show evidence of the four key objectives. These are Research, Record, Refine and Final Outcomes. The second unit of work is a theme selected by the student enabling everyone to base a project on something they find interesting. The work is assessed in the same way as unit one. The final section of the course is an Exam unit. During this time a set amount of time is given for students to explore a carefully selected theme from a list of themes the exam board send to the students. All students present their work in frames showing some imaginative and exciting imagery captured and edited.


Throughout the course trips are run allowing students to widen their project outcomes. This is a very popular course that has led many students to study this at a higher level.


Coursework based-A great break from some of the more traditional subjects. The last two years all students have received a grade A*-C!

Key Stage 5


The course expands on previous knowledge form KS4 (However students don’t need to have taken it at GCSE) and is assessed in a similar way. In year 12 students explore the theme objects and learn more complex camera skills to modify imagery to capture some stunning effects. Students explore and show evidence of the four assessment objectives and present this in a final exhibition to the examiner at the end of the year.


Yr13 students produce a personal investigation showing a strong understanding of camera skills and a personal response to the theme they have selected. Large display board summaries the very best of the work produced. A full A Level is awarded on completion of the second year.

Department Resources Available:

Variety of SLR Cameras

Editing Program Photoshop

Extra-Curricular Activities Offered:

After school and lunch time sessions for those who take the subject