RAF Roadshow Comes to STCM

On Wednesday 17th May, St Cuthbert Mayne’s most able students from years 8, 9 and 10 were treated to a roadshow like no other! Three members of the RAF Roadshow team entertained and educated students about the science, history and latest developments in flight technology, as well as over 50 different career opportunities available through the RAF.

Students learnt about how drones are able to track and follow vehicles, charge themselves over power cables, use facial recognition and were even filmed by a drone within the confines of the school hall. Needless to say that this prompted a lot of hair straightening and smile fixing as students faces were projected onto the big screen! Following this, the students found out about the four forces of flight – thrust, drag, lift and weight, and were finally treated to a video clip of daredevil pilot Yves Rossy, and an ear-splitting demonstration of a jet engine from his jet wing. Student feedback has been excellent and the show was enjoyed by all.


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