Religious Education

Head of Department

Mrs C. Caluori

Key Stage 3


In KS3 units of work have been developed from the Roman Catholic Icons Programme, but modified and developed to meet the needs of the students in our joint church school.


In Year 7 modules include
• Community and belonging
• Making sense of religion
• Who is Jesus? Why is he so special?
• Prayer, worship and the Eucharist
• A study of Sikhism


In Year 8 modules include
• Life times
• Living history- living life to its fullness as a child of God
• Sin and salvation
• Religion and the environment
• A study of Judaism


In Year 9 modules include
• Faith challenges
• How Jesus has the power to transform lives
• A vision for living, challenging students to work towards the common good
• Pilgrimage
• A study of Islam

Key Stage 4


Currently (until September 2016) students follow the Edexcel full course GCSE, Unit 8: Religion and Society through a study of Christianity and Islam and either Unit 2: Religion and life through a study of Christianity or Unit 1: Religion and Life through a study of Christianity and Islam.
Topics included include ;
Rights and responsibilities
Environmental and Medical issues
Peace and conflict
Crime and punishment
Believing in God
Matters of life and death
Marriage and the family
Religion and community cohesion.
This is examined by two terminal examinations in the May of year 11.

Key Stage 5


Currently (until September 2016) we offer OCR Religious Studies AS/A2. We study the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics.

Philosophy of Religion covers, for example, traditional arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, Religious experience, life after death and religious language.
Religious ethics covers, for example, Natural Law, Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, Meta Ethics, Christian Ethics, Conscience and freewill and determinism. A range of medical ethics and the ethics of peace and justice are also covered.

For those students who do not opt for the A level there is a compulsory RE lesson for 1 hour per week .

Department Resources Available:

There are Bibles, text books, resources uploaded on to Google classroom and a comprehensive
A Level library

Extra-Curricular Activities Offered:

Revision sessions at KS4 and 5.
Support for all charitable and liturgical events.