Head of Department


Mrs C Caluori


The following programme of work has been developed for the distinctive nature of our joint church school, with the agreement of both the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth and the Anglican Diocese of Exeter.


What God requires of us is this: “to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God”. Micah 6v8.


The task of handing on the Christian faith, through the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions, is both a privilege and responsibility. At the centre of all we do should be the desire “to bring young people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” (Curriculum Directory).


The Religious Education curriculum seeks to promote and nurture the spiritual life of our pupils. Our work in the department is based upon proclaiming the message of Christ, leading to an environment of service to others and living out at its heart the centrality of the ‘option for the poor’. This is the Christian life worked out as Love in action that provides a moral compass for our students’ lives as they seek to fulfil their vocation, and through finding ways both individually, and as a community, to love their neighbour both locally and globally.

Key Stage 3


Year 7


In year 7 the curriculum is based around;


  • What does it mean to belong to a Christian community?
  • Why is Jesus so special?
  • What does it mean to be a Sikh?
  • What is philosophy?


Year 8


In year 8 the curriculum is based around


  • The People of God
  • Prophecy and ethics, speaking up for justice
  • What does it mean to be  Muslim?

Key Stage 4


All students study for full course GCSE in Religious Studies. We follow the Eduqas specification, Route A.


The units we study are;


The Study of Christianity- Beliefs, teachings and practices.

The Study of Judaism- Beliefs, teachings and practices.

Religious, philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world:


  • Issues of relationships
  • Issues of life and death
  • Issues of good and evil
  • Issues of human rights.

Key Stage 5


We offer the A level following the specification from OCR. Students study 3 areas;


  • The Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion and ethics
  • Developments in Christian thought.


Department Resources Available:


There are Bibles, text books, resources uploaded on to Google classroom and a comprehensive A Level library.


Extra-Curricular Activities Offered:

Revision sessions at KS4 and 5.

Support for all charitable and liturgical events.