Head of Department

Mr C Moore

Key Stage 3


We follow the 2014 National Curriculum and have written units of work to compliment it. These are constantly under review to ensure that we are delivering the best possible education for our learners. Within school students will have access to “Activate” text books and online editions will also be available for use beyond the classroom. We assess students in various different ways, so that we can monitor their progress within practical skills (Working Scientifically), as well as assessing their knowledge and understanding. Our assessments also ask students to become adept at describing and explain their scientific knowledge a key skill needed for GCSE.

Key Stage 4


Currently we follow OCR Gateway Science qualifications. Students have the choice of completing Double Science or Triple Sciences. In Double Science they complete their first Combined Science GCSE in Year 10 and a second one in Year 11. In Triple Science students will complete a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 11. For all courses, each GCSE has a 25% Controlled Assessment module. The GCSEs are separated into individual teaching units and we monitor student progress through key assessments at the end of each unit. Students can continue on to A-Level sciences from either route, provided that they have met the course requirements.

Key Stage 5


At A-Level, we have recently opted for the AQA Chemistry and Physics courses. Students will take their AS exams at the end of Year 12, however this does not count towards the full A-Level, which is assessed at the end of year 13. Progress throughout the two years is monitored through regular assessments. In Year 12, students keep a Practical Skills log book that acts as a record that will count towards the Practical Skills Endorsement element of Science A Level qualifications

Extra-Curricular Activities Offered:

Year 10 Ogden Trust Physics club