The Harry Potter Christmas Tree

Christmas has arrived in the library! We’ve worked hard to make a Harry Potter themed Christmas tree, complete with miniature scarves, wands, broomsticks and Harry Potter themed hand painted baubles.  It even includes a sorting hat on the top.  If you haven’t popped down to look already then please do!

We are also running a competition throughout advent to win our Advent Calendar chocolate of the day.  If you borrow a book from the library in December you can have a lucky dip in our ticket box to see if you have won.

All Year 7 and 8 classes are currently resitting their star reading tests and quizzing for Spring term reading targets will re-open at the beginning of the Christmas Holidays.  There will be an inter-form challenge to see which tutor group can score the most points by quizzing over the holidays and the winning form will be invited to tea and cake in the library!

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