Buckfast Abbey


In January 2018, Year 7 and Year 8 students had the chance to go to Buckfast Abbey for a special

programme. We had about 100 Students in each year coming along, to reflect on God, self and the world. Having students off site was an opportunity to engage more around faith. It made us reflect on vocation, particularly when the students had to interview a monk.

Big Church Day Out


We value authentic relationships. We often do not have opportunities to engage with the parents on matters that do not pertain to their children. Most of the time these conversations are about progress or if the child is in trouble. In our bid to develop our relationship with families, we have decided to go to Big Church Day Out. In collaboration with Big Church Day Out, we have had an offer which would be affordable to families and a place is reserved for us to camp together in the same place. https://bigchurchdayout.com/south

If you would like to join us for next year in the same camping space then book your family in via https://bigchurchtickets.com/events/big-church-day-out-south-2019/groups/1058/stcm