World speech day

Yesterday St Cuthbert Mayne held their first public speaking in conjunction with World Speech Day which is today, 15th March.

We held two competitions across the year groups and were lucky to have two previous Head Teachers of STCM come in as judges for the day. Students were exceptional in their content and delivery and made some very poignant and interesting points on the topic of ‘For A Better World!’

The final results were extremely close with a half point differential between some students; but the final standings in the Intermediate competition were Ashlyn (yr7) in third, Julian (yr8) in second and Jack (yr8) in first, whilst the senior competition finished with Jessica (yr11) in third, Robert (yr11) in second and Laura (yr11) in first. A good day was had by all and students have all requested for this to become an annual competition. If you missed the chance to come in and see the students speak, please find below the links to our YouTube Channel with recordings from both competitions:

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