Year 8 Visit to Atrium Studio

Four of our year 8 students were lucky enough to attend the Atrium Studio in Ashburton to take part in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths workshop. The four pupils from year 8 who took part were asked to design an eco-friendly classroom focussing on sustainability. The design had to include the building, the outside grounds and the marketing to promote it to a wider audience. Students had to problem solve and consider ideas of how the classroom could actually be built and how it would save on energy and be good for the environment. They were guided through the process by skilled Architects, Surveyors, Landscape gardeners and Builders, these professionals extended the communication and creativity skills of the students. Students then presented their ideas to the other groups and made a decision on the information presented as to whose was the best and whose was the most likely to work and be the most sustainable. It was a very informative and inspirational day, enjoyed by all.

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