Pastoral Support

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr James Down
Child Protection Officer – Mrs Anita Perram

St Cuthbert Mayne Student Welfare Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr James Down

Student Welfare Team:


Child Protection Officer – Mrs Anita Perram

Years 7 & 8 Deputy Year Coordinator – Mrs Suzy Woods

Year 9 Deputy Year Coordinator – Mrs Marie Deakin

Year 10 Deputy Year Coordinator – Mrs Lauren McKenzie

Years 11, 12 & 13 Deputy Year Coordinator – Mr Colin Gibson

School Counsellor – Mrs Claire Funnell (3 days a week)

Attendance Improvement Officer – Ms Fiona Jones

Director of KS3 and KS4 and Year Co-ordinators – Mr Colin Horrocks


On Site Support:


Torbay Young Carers – Mrs Angela Poole (Wednesdays only)

School Nurse – Natalie Duffen (selected days only)

Linx Christian Youth Trust – Jordan Williams & Charlie Haywood

‘Imagine’ Lunchtime club – Fatima Sbaai, Yvonne Haynes (selected days only)

EAL Lunchtime club – Lorrie Lane (Thursdays only)

Linked Agencies:

The Student Welfare Team works alongside Checkpoint, Young Carers, Community Police Officers and Police, Youth Offending Team, Family Group Conferencing, CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service), School Nurse, Sexual Health Services and other outside professionals as appropriate.





WRAP Prevent Radicalisation Trainer Qualification

Signs of Safety for Education

Prevent Radicalisation Awareness – all staff

Safeguarding Training Level 2 – all staff

Safeguarding Level 3 – Mr Down, Mrs Perram, Mrs Deakin, Mr Gibson, Miss Begley, Mr Brown, Mr Sargeant & Mr Horrocks.

Personal Safety for Lone Workers

Introduction to Child Exploitation

Responding to Domestic Violence and Abuse, it’s Impact on Children and Young People

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness – Responding to Challenging Behaviour

School Attendance Workshop

Attachment Awareness Training

Family Group Conferences Referrers Workshop

Early Help Training

Signs of Safety Training

Online Grooming, CSE and Radicalisation Training

Child Sexual Exploitation – A Multiagency Approach

Working together to support young people with restrictive eating disorders

Safeguarding Level 2 Trainer Qualification

Self-Harm CAMHS Training

Introduction to Anxiety and Depression

Effective Listening Techniques Training with Linx

Drug and Alcohol Service Training

CAMHS Mental Health Training

Developing Good Autism Practice – Autism Champions Training

Graduate Diploma in Professional Counselling

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Work with Children and Adolescents


Two representatives of the Student Welfare Team are qualified in “Attachment Training Programme” which they completed in 2015-16.    This covers the following modules:

  • Identification of those needing attachment support programmes
  • Assessments of those needing attachment support programmes
  • Formulation of attachment support programmes
  • The power of relationship and the development of permanency and constancy
  • Transitions and Home/School Partnership
  • Lowering the effects of toxic shame
  • Evaluation and support


Did You Know:

Torbay CAMHS is currently offering an ‘Understanding Your Child’s Mental Health Workshop’ to parents or carers of children who meet the CAMHS criteria and whom the assessing clinician feels would benefit from this intervention. It has been identified this workshop would also be beneficial to families who do not meet the criteria for CAMHS. The Primary Mental Health Team therefore agreed to offer training to Primary Schools to skill them to facilitate these workshops within schools. A small number of Primary School were initially invited to attend the four week experiential training, these were: Ellacombe Academy, Watcombe Primary, Barton Academy and Shiphay Academy. The course was well attended and feedback was positive. The next stage of this plan will be for the Primary Mental Health Worker linked to their school to support the staff whom attended the training to facilitate a workshop. The hope would be that they will then go on to facilitate this workshop independently. If this is successful then the plan will be to offer this training to all Primary Schools across Torbay.