As a joint Roman Catholic and Church or England Secondary School, our Christian ethos is at the heart of everything we do at St Cuthbert Mayne. Our vision of “educating for life in all its fullness” is taken from the words of Jesus in John 10:10: 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

We want all staff and students that are part of St Cuthbert Mayne to flourish, and to enable all students to explore, experience and be equipped to live life to the full.

We value student’s academic, social and physical development, and also their spiritual development – growing in awareness of the aspects of life that are beyond physical things and exploring some of life’s big questions.



The Chaplaincy team is made up of staff and volunteers from a range of backgrounds including ministers, chaplains, a doctor, youth workers and creatives. We are always open to welcoming more volunteers to the team – please contact Rev. Nathan Kiayaga to express your interest in joining us. We are based in the Cornerstone – a room positioned at the heart of the school.


As a team we focus on three key areas of school life: Services, Wellbeing Support and Leadership Development. 



Collective Worship – Each school day we gather for collective worship (assembly) based on the theme and Bible Verse of the week. In these 15 minutes, students and staff have an opportunity to watch a video, journal, pray and contribute to the discussions presented that day. We create space for students to ask their big questions and consider spirituality and faith for themselves. Our themes align with the Liturgical Calendar and are designed to be inclusive for people of all faiths and none. 


Collective Services – Throughout the year we celebrate the major Christian Festivals. During some of these services we share Holy Communion together to remember our unity in Christ and there is an option to celebrate the Holy Mass for the Catholic students. Members of all Christian denominations, including staff and students who receive communion in their own church are welcome to receive Holy Communion with us in the Anglican Service. Otherwise we warmly invite everyone to come for a blessing. The chaplain and chaplaincy team are here for advice if you are unsure what to do.

Special Services

We also offer baptism services for anyone in our community who would like to be Baptised.

Wellbeing Support

Jesus demonstrated His love for all people by making time to listen to and support them especially in life’s challenges. We aim to provide this same love and support through a range of 1:1 and group work in addition to the school’s pastoral and SEND provision. In particular we offer interventions based on:


Faith Formation

Helping students and staff discover and grow in their relationship with Jesus.



Supporting students and staff who have lost someone or something important to them. With students we run the Rainbows programme.


Mental Health

We utilise the Kintsugi Hope course to equip students with the knowledge and tools to promote better mental health for themselves and their peers.


1:1 Support

We work in collaboration with the wider pastoral team to offer personalised support for students.

Leadership Development

Our students have wonderful gifts and talents which we take pride in helping them to develop. Within the Chaplaincy team we offer 3 main areas of leadership development:


A- Team

This group brings together students with a leadership instinct who support the vision and values of the school . They also organise things like the Easter Egg Hunt, support school events and inspire joy with our school community.


Anna Chaplaincy

This group brings together a number of students in our sixth form who visit a care home as an outreach into the elderly community. They read stories, play games, and spend time with those who have lived and seen much of life.



This is a group that brings together students who want to develop their talent in the areas of public speaking,  music, dance and drama. JUMP stands for Jesus Understands Me Personally.  We work with 16 local primary schools to deliver assemblies. The team also leads us in our Collective Services.


Tutors, Teachers and students can find us in the cornerstone or via email.

Parents can contact the head of year or tutor to make a referral.