Christian Ethos


Our Ethos reflects our vision of Educating for life in all its fullness. We believe God loves us unconditionally, wholeheartedly and continuously and longs to have a relationship with each one of us.

We provide an inspirational education which engages, challenges and nurtures our students so that they may live life to the full, now and in the future.

We are interested in the whole person including their spiritual wellbeing and we provide opportunities for them to experience the Christian faith so that they can make a response from an informed place.



As a joint  Roman Catholic and Church of England Secondary School we offer many opportunities for students, staff and our wider community to experience the breadth of this vision. These include assemblies, prayer opportunities, Christian teaching and fellowship.

Collective Worship


Each school day involves a collective worship (assembly) based on the theme of the week. In these 15 minutes, students and staff have an opportunity to watch a video, journal, pray and contribute to the discussions presented on each given day.

Our themes for this term are based on the letter to young people by Pope Francis. You can read it here for yourself

Collective Services


We hold services to celebrate the major Christian Festivals.

During some of these services we share Holy Communion together to remember our unity in Christ. There is an option to celebrate the Holy Mass for the Catholic students. Members of all Christian denominations, including staff and students who receive communion in their own church are welcome to receive Holy Communion with us in the Anglican Service. Otherwise we warmly invite everyone to come for a blessing. The chaplain and chaplaincy team are here for advice if you are unsure what to do.


Worship through music has been one of the ways we have sustained our faith.  During the several lockdowns, we have made videos in collaboration with other members of that faith community that you can watch via the Torbay United youtube channel.

International Cross of Nails


St Cuthbert Mayne is an International Cross of Nails School (ICONS) in recognition of our commitment to reconciliation and bridge-building within the school and beyond. The Cross of Nails came from the devastation of Coventry Cathedral during World War 2, but the city turned the feelings of revenge and anger into feelings of forgiveness and peace.

In Torbay, a bomb fell on St Mary Church killing several students who were attending a service. You may find a chapel at this parish Church  called the Innocent Chapel in memory of these children.

ICONS is a network of schools and communities that are part of the Community of the Cross of Nails. Schools which evidence reconciliation as part of their life and ethos are encouraged to apply to join ICONS. We joined in 2013 and have been growing from strength to strength in our hunger and desire for reconciliation.


We dedicated part of collective worship to work through the three priorities set by Coventry Cathedral which are;

  • Healing the Wounds of History
  • Living with Difference and Celebrating Diversity
  • Building a Culture of Peace


Here are some of the testimonies students wrote down:


“After saying sorry, I was forgiven by my parents for denting the car in anger”


“Me and and another student fell out a couple of days ago and I went up to him this morning and said I’m sorry for everything that I have done in the past and hope we can just be friends”


“I have asked for forgiveness when I chucked my mum’s phone at our fish tank and it smashed because she would not let me play Candy Crush”


There is power in reconciliation and as a school we count it of highest importance that relationships between students, staff, parents and friends be truly restored.



The area known as the ‘Cornerstone’ includes the Chapel which is a beautiful space found in the Plymouth block.  (A Cornerstone is an architectural term used in the Bible to describe Jesus as the chief foundation stone of the church on which everything else depends.). Our Cornerstone’ is a versatile space open throughout the school day for reflection, reconciliation, dialogue and reconnection for both students and staff. It is a place of welcome for all.

Most of the music we produce and virtual JUMP team assemblies are prepared in this place. JUMP is an acronym for Jesus Understands Me Personally. A number of students are involved in the JUMP team. They go out to primary schools to lead school assemblies. We are in contact with 16 primary schools across Torbay, SouthHams and Teignbridge district council.

Chaplaincy Team


We are a team of Christians from different churches who are united in our desire to serve all those who share life with this community.Our team provides an atmosphere that encourages personal reflection, an appreciation of the spiritual dimension of life and the living out of Christian values. We walk alongside parents, carers, staff and students during the changing seasons of life.

On a weekly basis you may see some but not all of us. Should you wish to meet anyone in particular then please do get in touch.


You can text the chaplaincy for any prayer requests or support on 07739390159

Or email us on [email protected]


Pastoral care  


We are committed to complementing the pastoral care that our students get in this school. In the team, we have a retired GP, Youth Workers and training counsellor/psychotherapist. All of us are Mental Health First Aiders for Young people with enough expertise to support our staff team when required.

We work with the wider school team and signpost to the networks that are available to us in collaboration with other colleagues.


We also invest substantial time in supporting our students who have been bereaved. As a Rainbows school, we are the point of call for a student who has lost a loved one, a close relative developing advanced dementia, a relative going to prison, or in the case of divorce or separation in a family.

We are grateful for the parents who inform us of these losses and allow us the chance to stand in the gap with the young person at this crucial moment



JUMP Team.  JUMP is an acronym for Jesus Understands Me Personally. A number of students are involved in the JUMP team. They go out to primary schools to lead school assemblies. We have engaged with over 11 primary schools in this calendar year.


Peer to Peer Support.  Students are at times the best support for other students. We have Cornerstone Captains who are willing to listen to other students and support them with aspects that they find challenging in the school life.  These Captains are also our young carers’ champions.



We are grateful to be working with Torbay Community coaching in offering bespoke mentoring and support for young people on a weekly basis. More than ever, we sense the need to support our young people who have been affected in multiple ways by this pandemic and whose future relies in part on what our support for them looks like.


LiNX. We enjoy working with LiNX Christian Youth Trust. LiNX offers mentoring for a number of our students. Alongside mentoring engagements  they also run our Wednesday Christian Union. Recently, they enabled LZ7 being with us for a full day. LZ7 is a band with relevance and honesty in their music. The band draws from their own experiences and lives to share a message with deep meaning and hope in a way that fully engages young people.


We are growing in collaboration with Scripture Union and Toby Chant the Regional coordinator. We have inaugurated a multi activity summer camp that takes place the last week of the summer holidays.


Buckfast Abbey and Pennywell farm 


Buckfast Abbey is a popular destination for our  Year 7 and year 8 students each year. The pandemic allowed us to think creatively how we can offer our students a chance to explore this magnificent place and much more which is in the South West. 

In 2021, we were privileged to collaborate not just with Buckfast Abbey but also with Pennywell Farm. 

This partnership was a success and we hope to keep growing it from strength to strength.

There was an opportunity for those who wanted to  be baptised to have this celebration conducted during this trip.

Big Church Day Out (BCDO)


BCDO (Big Church Day Out)  is the UK’s largest annual Christian gathering of about 30,000 people for 2 exciting days of camping, food, outdoor sports, Christian music and celebration. It is held at Wiston House in West Sussex. We had a great trip to BCDO in 2018 to Wiston House with both staff and students as well as families and friends of the St Cuthbert Mayne Community.

We value positive relationships but often do not have opportunities to engage on a deeper level. In our bid to develop our relationship with families, we have decided to go to Big Church Day Out again in 2022.

In collaboration with Big Church Day Out, we have had an offer which would be affordable to families and a place is reserved for us to camp together in the same place.

If you would like to join us in the same camping space then book your family then do get in touch