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16-19 Bursary Policy


Accessibility Plan


Admissions Criteria 2020-21


Admissions Criteria 2021-22


Admissions Criteria 2022-23


Admissions Criteria 2023-2024


Anti-Bullying Policy


Assessment Policy


Attendance Policy


Behaviour & Relationships Policy


Building Contractors Safeguarding Policy


Cared for Children Policy


Careers Policy


Careers Provider Access Policy (Baker Clause)


CCTV Policy


Charges and Remissions Policy


Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – Parent/Carer Friendly Version


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – Child Friendly Version


Complaints Policy


Complaints Policy (Microsoft Word Version including form)


Curriculum Policy


Data Protection Policy


Disadvantaged Policy


Early Career Teacher Policy


Equality, Information and Objective Statement Policy


Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy


Equal Opportunities Policy


E-Safety Policy


Finance Policy


Fire Policy


First Aid Policy


GDPR Policies


Health & Safety Policy


Keeping Children Safe in Education


Lettings Policy


Lockdown Policy


Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy


Offsite Activities and Trips Policy


Quality Assurance Policy


Personal Development Policy


PSHE Policy


Recruitment and Selection Policy


Relationship and Sex Education Policy


Security Policy


SEND Policy 


Staff Code of Conduct


Sixth-Form Attendance Policy


Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy


Supporting Children with Medical Needs who are not in School Policy


Teaching & Learning Policy


Whistleblowing Policy


Working Together to Safeguard Children