Promoting Good Attendance



At St Cuthbert Mayne School we expect all of our students to aspire to have 100% attendance.

The law says that students are expected to attend school every day that the school is open. There are only two reasons why a student should not attend school. These are:

  1. They are too ill to attend school
  2. There is an exceptional circumstance which means they cannot attend


There is a clear link between regular school attendance and student outcomes. Students who attend school regularly have a significantly higher chance of realising their full potential and have better life opportunities.


Attendance policy 

A copy of our school attendance policy can be found by following the link below:

Attendance Policy



Good punctuality is an important life skill. School starts at 8:40am. Students move to the yards as soon as they come into school. Students who arrive after 8:40am are marked as late in the register. Students who are late after 08:40am will incur a 20 minute lunchtime detention which will be served on the same day. Students who arrive after 09:00am are marked as absent because they are late after the official register is closed. This absence is recorded as an unauthorised absence. Students arriving after 09:00am (after the registers close) will incur a 40 minute after-school detention which will be completed the following afternoon.


Reporting your child as absent 

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to report their child’s absence each and every day that their child is absent from school.


To report a student absence parents/carers are asked to call the Absence Line (01803 317901) by 8:30am each day. Parents/Carers should give as much information as they can when informing the school about a student absence.


If a parent/carer does not report their child as absent, then the absence will be recorded as an unauthorised absence on the official school register. If a student has 10 or more sessions (5 school days in total) of unauthorised absence from school, this may result in the Local Authority taking legal action.


The school operates a first day calling system to ensure the safety and welfare of all its students. Parents/Carers who do not report their child as absent from school will be contacted by the school and in some cases a home visit will be undertaken by a member of staff from our Pastoral and Safeguarding Team. If we are unable to sight a student absent from call we will in some circumstances report this to the Police and Children’s Services.


Request for Absence/ Holidays in term time 

Legislation does not allow schools to authorise holidays during term time unless there is an exceptional circumstance. If a parent/carer feels they meet these criteria they are required to complete an Absence Request Form in advance of taking the absence, as legally they cannot be authorised retrospectively. School will notify the parents/carers whether it is legally able to authorise the absence based on the information provided. Any absence taken that hasn’t been authorised may result in the Local Authority taking legal action.

Absence Request in Exceptional Circumstances


Absence due to on-going medical issues 

School will require medical evidence where a child has been absent, for 5 days or more due to illness or where a child’s attendance is a serious concern and parents have been specifically requested to provide this. Medical evidence can include – Appointment cards, sick note or evidence of prescribed medication. If you are requested to provide medical evidence and are unable to do so the school will have no alternative other than to record this absence as unauthorised.


If your child is due to be absent from school for a longer period of time then it is important that you contact your child’s Head of Year who will put in place a support plan for your child.


Medical Appointments 

All non-urgent medical/dental appointments should be arranged outside of school hours. Where unavoidable medical/dental appointments are made during school hours, students are expected to attend school before the appointment and return after the appointment. Students should present their appointment card or hospital letter when signing out for a medical appointment.


Removing barriers to good attendance 

It is important that parents/carers contact the school if they are concerned about their child’s attendance. The relevant Head of Year is available to work with parents/carers and students to help improve attendance.