Teaching Team

Mr J. Waterworth (Head of Performing Arts)

Mrs L. Coull

Mrs M. Byng


Curriculum Summary

2023 – 2024

Learning Journey Year 7-11- Drama 

Curriculum – Drama Department Year 7

Curriculum – Drama Department Year 8

Curriculum – Drama Department Year 11

Devising Discovery February 2024
As part of our ongoing partnership with Doorstep Arts, 30 select students in Year 9 & 10 took part in two fantastic ‘Devising discovery’ workshops before half term led by Helen Gilbert and Exeter University Drama students.  They led inspiring sessions and took as small group of students to perform at the Northcott Theatre on Saturday 10th February where they got to perform their work on stage after working with the technical crew to plan their lighting and staging requirements.  It was an incredibly exciting experience for our students, and we are very proud of them.