Media Studies

Head of department

Mr E Jukes

Key Stage 3


There is no media at key Stage 3

Key Stage 4


OCR Media Studies GCSE


Unit B321 Individual Portfolio

  • Students write an essay on how women are represented across time in various adverts for Lucozade.
  • Students plan, create and evaluate their own advertising campaign for a soft drink using HD still and video cameras, DSLRs, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.
  • Amounts to 30% of the course.


Unit B324 Practical Production Portfolio

  • Students plan, create and evaluate their own magazine excerpt on a magazine genre that suits their interests, hobbies or passions.
  • Amounts to 30% of the course.


Unit B322 Textual Analysis Exam

  • One section on an unseen Action Adventure clip requiring students to analyse generic conventions, the construction and representations.
  • One section on two TV comedy case studies: ‘QI’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ analysing the institutions they derive from and how they appeal to their audiences.

Amounts to 40% of the course.

Key Stage 5


Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in  Media

  • Students plan, produce and evaluate a horror film opening.
  • Amounts to 25% of A level.


Unit G323 Key media Concepts Exam

  • Students analyse the representation of social groups in TV drama.
  • Students analyse the institutions and audiences within the music industry.
  • Amounts to 25% of the Alevel.


Unit G324 Advanced Portfolio in Media

  • Students plan, create and evaluate a music video, dig-pack and website for a band.
  • Amounts to 25% of the A level.


G325: Critical Perspectives in Media Exam

  • Students analyse how men have been represented in British film, TV and print media.
  • Students write a critical commentary on their practical work over the course.
  • Amounts to 25% of the A level.

Department Resources Available:  2 apple mac suites equipped with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, DSLRS, digital compact cameras, GoPros, HD video cameras, tripods, steadicams, green screen.


Extra-Curricular Activities Offered: Lunchtime drop-ins every lunchtime.