Torbay Council manages the register of students who are entitled to Free School Meals. Upon notification from Torbay Council of eligibility, the school canteen will provide a daily allowance of up to £2.70 per day towards a meal. The most effective way to spend this allowance is for a student to purchase a  complete meal either at morning break time or lunch time.


Parents may also top up their child’s Parent Pay account with additional funds if the daily spend is likely to exceed £2.70. 


Please note that the school will not usually be able to provide Free School Meals to your child until eligibility has been confirmed to us by Torbay Council.



Who is eligible  for Free School Meals?

Parents in receipts of certain benefits may be entitled to Free School Meals for their child. 


Details of qualifying criteria can be found under the ‘Eligible Benefits’ section of the Torbay Council Free School Meals website page at


How do I apply for Free School Meals?

Applications should be made to Torbay Council via the online application form at  


Alternatively, you may download, print and complete the following form.


Torbay-Council – Free School Meals Form


Please post the form directly to Torbay Council at the address printed on the document.  Alternatively,  please ask your child to hand the form  in at the school’s Main Reception and we will send it to Torbay Council on your behalf. Torbay Council will assess your application and will inform you of their decision. If the claim is successful Torbay Council will also advise the school. 


My child is transferring from another school where they are entitled to Free School Meals. Will eligibility continue?


Please tell us during the application process if your child receives Free School Meals at their current school.


If your child is transferring from another school located within the Torbay Council area then existing entitlement will usually transfer without further application. Once you have accepted an offered place at the school then please  advise Torbay Council of the transfer including starting date.   Torbay Council should then be able to  confirm Free School Meal eligibility to us for your child.


If your child is transferring from a school located outside of the Torbay Council area or from elective home education then you will need to make a new application and Torbay Council will reassess eligibility. We would recommend that  you inform Torbay Council if your child is currently or has previously been eligible for Free School Meals in their current school.


Pupil Premium funding

Children in year 7-11 that are eligible for Free School Meals also attract additional funding from the government through the Pupil Premium. If your child is potentially entitled to receive Free School Meals but you do not wish them to have them then please still consider making an application. For every child that is registered for Free School Meals the school receives extra Pupil Premium funding. This funding is used by the school to enhance the educational experience of socio-economically disadvantaged students. This is achieved by improving the learning experience, providing additional support where necessary and extending enrichment and outreach opportunities. Further information can be found at


Further enquiries

If you have any queries about eligibility criteria,  the application process or transfer of eligibility  then please contact Torbay Council on 01803 208244.


For all enquiries about menu choices and how a student may best spend their Free School Meal allowance then  please contact Heidi, the school’s Canteen Manager, via the email –  [email protected].


Otherwise you may also contact [email protected] or call Main Reception on 01803 328725.