St Cuthbert Mayne School Uniform & Equipment

At St Cuthbert Mayne school we expect all our students to be dressed in full school uniform every day and bring the correct equipment for learning. This shows us that our students want to be part of our school community and are ready to learn.


School Uniform

· School Blazer

· School clip on Tie

· Plain white collared shirt

· Black trousers (Boys & Girls)

· Black pleated skirt (Girls)

· Plain black school shoes

· Black V-Neck jumper (Optional)


Physical Education Kit

· Plain Red Polo T-shirt (Boys & Girls)

· Plain black sports shorts (Boys & Girls)

· Plain black leggings, skort (Girls)

· Plain black tracksuit trousers (Boys & Girls)

· Plain Red Football/Rugby/Hockey socks (Boys & Girls)

· Footwear suitable for the sport being played e.g. trainers or football boots

· Mouth guard Shin Pads advisable for contact sports


*Optional additional items of PE kit will be available to purchase


Online School Uniform Shop


Pro Direct are the official supplier of branded items of the St Cuthbert Mayne uniform. To access the online STCM uniform page please follow the link below:


Parents can enjoy free delivery and returns if they add the code FDSTCM at the checkout


*Parents must purchase the branded school blazer and tie from our official supplier of branded school uniform – Pro Direct. Parents are able to shop around for all other items of school uniform and PE kit to achieve best value for money. Pro Direct offer a range of STCM school uniform items at competitive prices, including a new Nike PE kit range for 2023-24

Further details and information about school uniform and appearance


School Blazers

The blazer must be a school blazer with black with red braiding and the school badge. School blazers must be purchased online from Pro-Direct. Blazers must be worn at all times when students are moving around the school site. Students may take their blazers off once they are in a lesson or if they are taking part in physical activity during break or lunch time.


School Tie

School clip-on-ties must be the STCM school as purchased online from Pro Direct. No modifications can be made to the school tie.


White Collared Shirt

Students must wear a white formal collared shirt which must button at the neck. Shirts can be long or short sleeved. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Black pleated skirts (Girls only)

A black knee length pleated skirt. Skirts should not be modified in length. Tights, if worn, should be plain black.


Trousers (Boys & Girls)

Trousers must be plain black formal style school trousers. Not acceptable: black jeans, leggings, jeggings, chino or denim style or any form of tight stretchy style of trouser. If a belt is worn, it needs to be plain black (wide belts and large buckles are not appropriate).



Plain black smart school shoes that are comfortable and cover the entire foot. Smart plain black trainers are also acceptable. No boots are allowed


Black V-Neck Jumper (Optional)

A jumper is an optional item of our school uniform. A plain black V-neck jumper can be worn under the blazer in the colder months of the school year.


Coat / jacket

An outdoor coat / jacket containing a full zip, worn over the blazer and removed on entry to lesson is allowed. An outdoor coat / jacket must not be worn instead of the blazer. A hoodie, which is placed over the head, not containing a full zip, is not allowed.



Makeup should be discreet. Nail varnish is not encouraged but if worn should be of a natural colour and nails should be short in length. Nail extensions are not permitted as they pose a health and safety risk. False eyelashes are not permitted in school.



To ensure the health and safety of our students, jewellery should not be worn in school, the only exemption is a pair of stud earrings and a watch. Facial piercings and body piercings should not be worn in-school. Nose studs are not allowed to be worn in school.


Hair Styles

Only natural hair styles and colours are acceptable in school. For reasons of health and safety, long hair may need to be tied back for practical lessons. Headwear of any kind should not be worn in school unless: it is of a religious nature, for medical reasons and has been agreed in advance with the Headteacher.


School Bags

A suitable school bag which can carry at least a Need to Know booklet, the Super 7 (equipment for learning) and a students’ P.E kit. For students in Years 10 – 13, their bag must also be able to accommodate their Chromebook.



Super 7 – Equipment for Learning


All students must bring the following 7 items of equipment that will be needed for learning in school:

1. Black pen

2. Spare black pen

3. Pencil

4. Rubber

5. Ruler

6. Scientific calculator

7. Need to Know Wallet (This includes your timetable, Exercise Book and Need to Know Booklet)