As part of the Connecting Classrooms project, STCM is now partnered with the Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School in Lagos, Nigeria. We had the wonderful experience of visiting this school during the February half term to meet the students and staff, and to begin building a partnership that we hope will last many years.

The Connecting Classrooms project involves many different aspects such as:

  • Allowing students around the world to have a deeper understanding of other countries and cultures.
  • Accepting their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.
  • Sharing experiences of their lives.


It is hoped that during the coming months STCM students will be sharing their experiences with the students of Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School. We have planned various projects that involve:

  • Getting to know you – My life inside school. My life outside school.
  • Sharing recipes.
  • Sharing our school garden – This would involve taking photographs at various times throughout the year and emailing them. Dairy Farm have a botanical garden.
  • Growing tomatoes – We thought it might be a lovely idea to plant some tomatoes at the same time on the same day at both schools, then monitor their progress and having a competition between the schools!
  • Prefects – Dairy Farm have prefects at similar ages to our own prefects. We thought it would be a really good idea for the schools to share the prefect selection process (which again is at a similar time in the school year), then the new prefects would establish links with each other to discuss their responsibilities.
  • Citizenship – For the older students we would like to get them involved in the theme of democracy and citizenship. This would probably involve a small group of 5/6 students holding a Skype session with Dairy Farm to discuss what they are learning about. Dairy Farm have a group called the Young Democrats who will be getting involved with this.

If you would like to be part of this wonderful experience in any way then please see Mrs Dearling in the Geography Department.


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