If for any reason you cannot attend or will be late to the Sixth Form, you or your parent/guardian must telephone the main school number, selecting the absence option on 01803 328725 before 9.30am.

Good attendance is important, your attendance at lessons is the most vital key to your success. Absence is treated very seriously and can lead to removal from roll.


Acts of Worship & Registration

You must attend your Tutor Group Registration/Act of Worship Every morning and afternoon.

Year 12 students are expected to be on site all day.

Year 13 students are expected to be on site all day; if they have a Privilege Pass they are allowed to sign out after timetabled lessons/weekly Act of Worship.

All students must attend all lessons, tutorials and directed AOW.

Absences which can be foreseen in advance


To apply for permission for a planned absence you must use an Absence Request Form. These can be obtained from the Sixth Form Administrator


You will need to provide proof of reason (e.g. a letter or card for medical appointments) and a signed Absence Request Form on or before the date of absence to the Sixth Form Deputy Year Co-Ordinator.

Absences will only be authorised in advance if the reason given for the absence is a good one. The following are examples of reasons for absence which would
generally be acceptable:

  • Doctor, dentist, or hospital appointments, which cannot be arranged outside school or college hours, supported by an appointment card or hospital letter.
  • School Trip/Activity.
  • To look after a family member or another person for whom the student has caring responsibilities (Rare occurrence).
  • A religious holiday.
  • Visit to a University either to attend an open day or for interview; or a career related interview.
  • Work experience placement which is an integral part of a course, and for which the student does not receive a wage.
  • Participating in a significant extra-curricular activity, such as drama, music, sport or volunteering. Authorised absence will only be granted where the activity reflects a significant level of personal achievement (for example, taking part in a regional or national event), or for some other one-off event. Authorised absences under this criterion will be granted sparingly.
  • Attendance at a probation meeting.
  • Attendance at a funeral.
  • Severe disruption to a student’s mode of transport (for example, where a student commutes by rail and a rail strike means there is no practical way of getting to school or college).
  • A driving test.
  • A school representatives’ meeting (e.g. Governors’ meeting).


In making our decision on whether or not to authorise the absence we will take account of the inherent reasonableness of the case, the number of absences taken by any one individual, repetitions of the same excuse, and whether the excuse is backed up with evidence.


The following reasons for absence would not be acceptable:

  • Holidays.
  • Part or full time work which is not part of the student’s.
  • Programme of study.
  • Leisure activities.
  • Birthdays or similar celebrations.
  • Babysitting younger siblings.
  • Shopping.
  • Driving lessons.
  • Constant Medical appointments during the school day.


If you go on holiday during term time you will need to complete an Absence Request Form but all holidays are classed as unauthorised absence.

Absences which cannot be foreseen in advance


Where an absence genuinely could not be foreseen in advance, you or your parent/guardian must report your absence by 9.30am on the day by telephoning must telephone the main school number, selecting the absence option on 01803 32872. They will need to give your name, your tutor’s name and a reason for absence.


Failure to comply with this will result in the absence been treated as unauthorised and the Sixth Form Deputy Year Co-Ordinator will be phoning you at home to check why you are not in school. Repeated unauthorised absences will be dealt with by the Head of Sixth Form as follows:
Step 1: Tutor interview recorded in planner.
Step 2: Attendance Officer interview with student and contract issued.
Step 3: Parental Interview with YCO/DYCO and formal warning issued, with revised contract
Step 4: SLT intervention – exam cost is withdrawn and place on the course reviewed
Lesson truancy will result in time made up with Supervised Study in C3 and/or after school with YCO/DYCO”


The following are examples of reasons for absence, which could not be foreseen in advance:

  • Sickness.
  • An emergency situation involving a family member or another person for whom the student has caring responsibilities.
  • Transport problems, where these were not known about in advance, and where there is no alternative means to hand.


A letter to confirm your absence will be needed from your parent/guardian on the first day back to school (if your parent/guardian had not phoned in). This written evidence will need to be handed to the Sixth Form Deputy Year Co-Ordinator. If it is not received within 2 days of returning to school, the absence will be classed as unauthorised, disciplinary procedures will commence and a letter will be sent home.


If you are taken ill at school you will need to see your tutor or a member of the sixth form team. They will not allow you to leave school without their permission and without signing out in the attendance book at student services. If you leave school without following this procedure your absence will be unauthorised.




If you are late and miss registration/AOW you must sign the attendance book at student services on arrival. In addition if you are going to arrive
later than 09.30am you should telephone must telephone the main school number, selecting the absence option on 01803 32872 before 09.30am.


Signing In/Out


If you arrive late due to an appointment, traffic or other unforeseen circumstance and are unable to sign in with your Tutor at AOW, you must sign in at student services before going to your lesson.


If you are popping out, even for a short period you must sign out and back in.


If you leave the premises before the end of a school day and are not returning, you must sign out in the attendance book at student services giving a reason and who has given permission for you to leave early.

These procedures are vital, as in the event of fire or any other reason to evacuate the building we must know exactly who is on school premises at all times.