STCM Library Escape Room Summer 2021

How good are you at solving clues? This week some of our students from years 7 and 8 were invited to take part in our Diary of a Wimpy Kid themed Summer Escape Challenge. To be invited to take part students had to either reach their Reading Target or consistently impress us with their reading engagement in library lessons.

Students had to solve a series of clues as a team in order to unlock a number of padlocks. The ultimate goal was to find the combination of the ‘Boss Padlock’ which contained goody bags. All teams were successful in completing the challenge! The fastest Year 7 team was 7WES team B with a time 6 minutes 58 seconds. The fastest year 8 team was 8LAU with a cracking time of 6 minutes 43 seconds.

We are very proud of all our readers in the library at St Cuthbert Mayne. They have continued to enjoy reading despite the trials of Covid and lockdown this year. Reading is an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day and helps us to de-stress.

We hope that you have relaxing summer holidays. Please remember to return your library books before we break up. We look forward to welcoming all our new students in September!

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